Our  Location:  1396 Douglas Dr., Suite #22C, Traverse City, MI 49696

Note that a Bible Study Class intended to assist anyone in better understanding the rich history and canonical teachings of Orthodoxy is being held on most Wednesday evenings by Fr. Micah following a short service that varies depending upon the Church calendar as indicated in the calendar shown on this page, and which starts at 6 PM.  Some recent audio recordings of these various classes are posted at the top of the "Links For Seekers" page on this website.
“As spiritual children of the unbroken line of faith handed down to us, we are members of the very same Church as the Apostles of the New Testament.”
  (as spoken by St. Sebastian Dabovich)  
We are an Orthodox Christian mission parish holding services in the Northwestern Michigan area, all in English.  The Diocese sponsoring our parish, and welcoming seekers or Orthodox faithful from all ethnic origins, is the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
(See: https://chicagodiocese.org ;
See also:  Deanery of Michigan:   http://michigandeaneryrocor.org)
Our services are held in observance of the "Julian" Calendar (the so-called "old calendar").
Upcoming Service / Event Dates & Times
Upcoming services will be listed on the left side column on this page.  We meet each Sunday, at 10:00 AM at:
1396 Douglas Drive,
Suite #22C
Traverse City  49696
  • See map on "Contact Us" page on this site
For more detail, please call, or email our Priest:
Father Micah Chisholm
using the following contact information:
Phone:  (989) 324-8773
Email:  Kingdom_Forever@stsebastianorthodoxchurch.org

        (See "Contact Us" Page for a user-friendly form for emailing)

Note also: Northern Michigan Missionary Presence

With God's help and with the blessing of our Archbishop, Vladyka Peter, St. Sebastian Orthodox Christian Church is committed to being an active, missionary presence throughout Northern Michigan. To that end, the parish will seek every opportunity to make the Orthodox faith accessible to people living throughout the region in order that they might "come and see" the beautiful riches of our faith and encounter Christ in the Divine Liturgy.  Following in the footsteps of our heavenly patron, St. Sebastian Dabovich, we will seek to organize and encourage the formation of Orthodox Christian communities wherever there is interest. Beginning in January 2023 a "missionary outpost" has begun to organize in the Petoskey-Alanson-Mackinaw City area, gathering Orthodox faithful and those who are Ortho-curious together for worship and fellowship.  The gatherings have been served by Priest Micah Chisholm, Rector of St. Sebastian Orthodox Christian Church. Divine Liturgy has been served once per month to make it accessible to people living some great distance from the parish in Traverse City.

This Mission now has an official name in memory of an Orthodox Saint from the 4th Century -

Saint Ambrose of Milan Orthodox Mission

Website: https://stambroseorthodox.org/

Dates for recent and upcoming Liturgies (at 10:00 AM, with Hours starting at 9:40):

  • Saturday March 16
  • Sunday March 17
  • Sunday March 24 (Typica)
  • Sunday March 31 (Typica)

Call (810) 252-2655 to determine the specific location for each service

A Priest has now been named (Father Dmitri Mihailiov)  for this new Mission Parish.  The first Divine Liturgy to be served by Father Dmitri has not yet been established.   Fr. Micah Chisholm will continue to be the official Rector for this Parish while Fr. Dmitri prepares to transition with his family to the Petoskey-Alanson-Mackinaw City area.

Services have been held at the following location: 

Carp Lake Township Hall  

6339 E Gill Rd, Carp Lake, MI 49718

(However, alternate sites have also been utilized.  Please consult their website shown above for any upcoming services.)

This is our Iconostasis 

(Prepared for the Nativity of our Lord God& Savior Jesus Christ)